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Love and Blessings,
Urodivoi, (AKA .Gerald)

Sunday, March 07, 2010

second servings: inaccurate portrayal of a friend:

well at mass today i felt called to come before god and make an offering of my weakness' to him.  when we love somebody we love both their strengths and weakness' i guess so for today's offering to you i'm sharing my latest drawing which i don't actually like very much.

i think it looks o.k for a sketch but somehow it doesn't look like the person it was supposed to look like.  in any case here it is for you to enjoy!

 (I read recently that you look more sincere in small caps  :-p  I feel very sincere today.)
Oh, and I'm trying a different scanning technique - hopefully it came out cleaner (it's scanning as I type this.)

love and blessings,

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